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For more information about the floods of 2010 and our work to support rehabilitation, see WWW.LADAKHRELIEF.ORG.

For more information about long-term HEALTH programs, see the HI programs page.

The HELP Fund is operating 2 projects in 2011, The Global Classroom Initiative and our Future Leader's Entrepreneurs Program. We are also supporting partner projects between India and the BC Children's Hospital Centre for International Child Health and Hockey without Borders.

HI India is operating 5 projects in 2010-2011, with HI members voluntarily managing each of those projects. If you want to contact any of the projects, please see the project manager list below. You will also find a brief summary of each project, along with a list of needs from our supporters and friends for this year.

Agricultural Education: Producing multi-media educational materials, including educational movies, and holding village-based agriculture fairs on sustainable agriculture and adjusting to climate change in Ladakh. Training government Department of Agriculture staff to implement innovative farming programs at the village level and sharing ideas through holding Agricultural Fairs at the village level across Ladakh.

Manager: Thinles Dawa, Deputy District Agricultural Officer

Mental Health: Training health professionals and the general public on mental health issues, and providing access to trained psychiatrists, medications and village-based care to the thousands suffering with mental illnesses in Ladakh. Supporting the training of health professionals and the opening of the first Paediatric Handicapped Unit at the District Government Hospital in Leh, Ladakh and assessing needs to undertake a mental health and disability program in the neighbouring District of Kargil.

Managers: Dr. Ghulam Mohd., M.D. Specialist, and Dr. Ahmad Iqbal

Education Materials: Children's Literature Project: Producing a variety of tri-lingual children's books on issues of cultural conservation, Ladakhi folktales and library - love to read materials. Books produced in this years project will become Ladakh's first talking books and made available around the world, at no cost, through the World Wide Web.

Manager: Geylong Konchok Phandey, Ladakhi Language Expert and President, HI.

Winter Camp: Operated by HI's Future Leaders, a group of remote village youth whose aim is to instill pride and self confidence in Ladakhi youth, 2010 Winter Camp will offer a 30-day residential learning and fun program for over 100 children and youth from the Domkhar area. Activities include ice hockey, tuition in school subjects, communication, team work and leadership skills development and producing YouTube movies about the culture of Ladakh and identity in today's rapidly changing world. This year, the participants are working with volunteers from Microsoft Research, learning computer and movie-making skills when not on the ice rink.

Manager: Sonam Rinchen, Co-Leader of the Future Leaders and Domkhar Drama and Design

Education Fairs: Supporting Inquiry-based learning, the HI Love-2-Read program and helping children tell their own stories with a series of teacher- and student-driven Education Fairs at village schools, with the sharing of innovative ideas between over 12 district schools participating this year. Producing 3 educational movies on inquiry based learning and activities for science, maths and language learning in local language for distribution to every school in Ladakh.

Manager: Tsetan Angchuk

Future Leader Entrepreneur Program:HI is proud to offer training, education and support to remote village youth from across the district. Whether an illiterate girl wants to participate in training and create her own, village-based social enterprise or a promising young HI intern wishes to go back to school and achieve a university degree (allowing him or her to obtain a government job and make change from within the system), HI wants to provide funding to make their dreams come true.

And think of this: by cutting out one latte a week for a year, you can sponsor a young teacher to get her library tech degree. Or for a bit more, fund a 4th year completion degree, allowing an intern to apply for a government job. Want to light up Ladakh? We have two Girl's Coops with village-based micro-industries producing solar lights. You can support their business by subsidizing lanterns to poor families or health clinics.You can learn how to help these motivated young people on the how to help page.

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